Thatch Roofing & Repairs

Thatch roof construction and thatching of new houses, lodges and lapa's. Extensions on existing thatched roofs and thatch roof repair. Replacement of any rotten standing pole, broken or cracked ring beams and trusses, without removing the thatch. Combing and patching of any kind of thatch roof as well as general thatch roof maintenance and repair. Comb and thatch a 120 mm layer of new grass over the existing roof. Remove old thatch roofs and re-thatch on existing construction. Varnishing of all woodwork in lapas and thatched roof structures. Strengthening of current thatch roof construction with extra crosses, nuts and bolts. Removing of grass and cement ridging and replacing it with fiber glass ridging on top of thatched roofs. If maintained properly it will last forever. The thatching and building materials we use are all SABS approved. The thatching poles we use are CCA treated. We use Cape reed for ceilings and Highveld grass for thatch roof construction. We also supply fiberglass ridging for new and existing thatched roofs. 10 Year guarantee on all new Installations

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