Global Thatch

Thatched roof maintenance can become a financial headache in the mid to long term, to not even mention the potential insurance costs involved – and that is IF your thatch has been treated with the approved fire retardant. In steps Global Tile. A high quality, fire retarded, coated metal tile, these tiles can be installed over existing thatched roofs with the minimum amount of hassle.The benefits of installing these tiles are almost too many to mention, but the following ones are key: Much reduced mid to long term maintenance costs;Easy and relatively quick to install;Coated metal tile with advanced fireproofing characteristics;Protection of your thatch against the elements;Stylish, high quality exterior finish;Interior thatched roof finish/atmospherics is maintained

If you are the owner of an old and somewhat decapitated thatched roof then installing Global Tile might be the perfect solution for you. We have given many old thatched roofs a new lease on life with this tile. If you are interested in further discussing the merits of this roofing system you are welcome to get in touch for a FREE consultation

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